Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream

Blender Foundation
Animovaný Sci-Fi

Elephants Dream (code-named Project Orange during production and originally titled Machina) is a 2006 English-language and Dutch-produced 3D computer animated science fiction short film produced almost completely using the free 3D suite software, Blender, except for the modular sound studio Reaktor and Mac OS X, which ran the cluster that rendered the final production. It premiered on 24 March 2006, after about 8 months of development.

Beginning in September 2005, the film was developed under the code-name Orange by a team of seven artists and animators from around the world. It was later named Machina, and then finally renamed to Elephants Dream in reference to a Dutch tradition whereby parents might abruptly end children's bedtime stories with the introduction of a sneezing elephant. The film was made mostly as an experiment, rather than to focus on telling a specific story, thus providing its arbitrary and surreal atmosphere.

The film itself, along with the other Blender Foundation “open movies,” was released under the Creative Commons Attribution License, so that viewers may learn from it and use it as long as proper attribution is given.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

Odkaz na zdroj: https://orange.blender.org/download/