Valkaama group

A Swedish poet, Lasse, has travelled around the world for years - alone, independently, restlessly. His heart knows no home except one that a prophecy from his childhood revealed to him: Valkaama, a mysterious place in northern Finland.

Lasse always longed to settle there one day, along with Ari, a good friend bound to a wheelchair. In time, Lasses's travels have lost their youthful innocence. He decides to go on one last great journey with Ari. Meanwhile Ari gets in touch with someone who abruptly changes the perspective on his own destiny for the worse.

In recent months Lasse has been living with Runa, a privileged young woman from Halmstad. Since the tragic death of her parents she has lived alone with her brother, Max. Runa has looked upon Lasse only as a friend, but as he leaves, she becomes overwhelmed by deep-set emotions. She makes a decision to find him, regardless of the consequences.

Magnus, the man Ari got in touch with, is a cynical alcoholic from Gothenburg. The only act which brings him joy is aiding the hopeless in suicidal quests. He constantly scathes the internet to find new missions. As a prisoner of his own miserable world, Magnus often wishes to escape. His weakness prevents him breaking free and he is forced to live an empty life in a destructive symbiosis with his mother, Svenja.

Magnus sets his sights on Ari as a final victim. Ari grows impatient waiting for Lasse to return home and journey with him to Valkaama. Though he has lost the will to live, Ari consciously passes his place on Lasse's side to Magnus. His intentions remain unclear. Magnus' is aware that a journey with Lasse might be the last chance to change his life for good - he decides to join Lasse. The pair find themselves venturing northwards, alongside them, a dark lie about Ari's death.

In the meantime, a hopelessly in love Runa, tries to lighten the past of Lasse. She travels to Gothenburg attempting to piece the parts of the puzzle together, but soon comes to a dead end. Lasse suddenly calls. He seems to be in big trouble and in an instant Runa is on her way to Lapland. She finds the unlikely fellows and witnesses them in an encounter of realisation concerning interwoven pasts. Pasts they were entirely unaware of.

The prophecy is finally fulfilled, but in a way Lasse could never have predicted. A few fateful hours in the Finnish wilderness change the lives of three travellers forever...

(Hendrik Behnisch, Lynn Gray)

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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